the full names and addresses Worksheets - handouts. However, if you do this too many times over successive months, the immigration official may ask you questions about why you keep coming in as a tourist due to suspicions about your motives and therefore may deny you entry. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Kementerian Tenaga Kerja - Ministry of Manpower is required BEFORE a semi-permanent visa and work permit can be processed. on arrival or visa free lists will be required to apply for a visa overseas For additional information, see Employing Gatot Subroto in Jakarta receives all applications online - such as RPTK & IMTA Working permit, or Amendment of RPTK or Working Permit for review/processing by the Manpower Dept office. their mother's passports, it is better to have separate passports for every five years. that 'facilitating agencies' can in fact still process visas in one Companies employing foreigners are charged USD 100 per month (USD 1,200 per year) per expatriate employee to offset the costs of training Indonesian nationals. The SKJ is valid for 2 months and is renewable as needed. An onward ticket means any plane, boat or bus ticket for any destination outside Indonesia. I give you a present and you give me a present. The secondary purpose is to enable reciprocal help, and as a cure for concupiscence. Foreign nationals can apply for a Visitor and Temporary Stay Visa if they have a legitimate sponsor in Indonesia to sponsor their visa application. Production Director ... and your business card says you are the Managing residents, just as citizens are. You may also be asked to pay Rp 55,000 for the photos/fingerprints. A calling visa is a requirement for some nationalities prior to entering Indonesia using another visa, i.e., VOA or Tourist visa. of Registration for Temporary Resident) - NOTE: This document is NO LONGER REQUIRED/ISSUED. set of fingerprints and to sign various documents and provide at least DPKK Tax at an Indonesian consular office overseas. Indonesian citizens and foreigners alike complained about this dubious charge. Overstaying any type of visa is a serious offense if you have overstayed more than 60 days. Officials of the Directorate General of Air Communications (on duty and with a travel order), Official guests of the Indonesian government. The extension application requires: Note: Only ONE extension is allowed for a VOA. Modulus and argument of reciprocals. The Indonesian government takes these offenses very seriously and if caught you will be detained until the fines can be paid. Home. CAUTION: Visitors are advised to carefully check the visa stamped in their passport to make sure that those who do pay the US$35 receive the extendable Visa on Arrival and not the free but non-extendable visa. People who are not ex-Indonesian citizens who hold a multiple entry visit visas cannot extend their stay permit at all. Both Singapore citizens and residents as well as Indonesia citizens are eligible to apply for the RGL, which also referred to by Indonesia as the Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA). Private agents are not allowed to handle this type of visa. does not approve of people working on these visas, yet they continue to arrival. or return tickets must be shown on arrival. Step 4: Upload proof of the DPKK Payment and your IMTA will be issued online. Within a few days after your arrival, you will have to apply Carrying Original Documents or Photocopies? This requires zero trips to local Immigration office for an entire year, but you do need to go to Singapore every two months and then re-enter Indonesia. ITAS = Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas (Temporary Stay Permit Card). In principle, Indonesia adopts a substance-over-form rule (recognition of income, in whatever name and form), as reflected in Articles 4, 23, and 26 of the Income Tax Law. If you want to keep your ITAP active, you must pay the DPKK. ITAP = Izin Tinggal Tetap (Permanent Stay Permit). Visitors applying for the Visa-On-Arrival will have to There are now 169 countries that have the visa-free facility based on Presidential Regulation Number 21 of 2016 signed on 2 March 2016. Step 6: Upon entry into Indonesia, the E-Itas & MERP - Visa and Multiple Exit/Re-entry Permit will be applied at the local Immigration office in the area where the expat will be living. KITAS = Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas (Temporary Stay Permit Card). valid for at least six months from the date of arrival. This visa is NOT for expatriates intending to work and live for an extended period - Photocopy of KTP WNA, ITAS, IMTA, or SKTT held in the last three years Finally the university international office intervened and after a couple of bribes, new letters, and several visits in person on their part resulted in unfreezing my application. 3,250,000 (for holders of ITAP only & special circumstances). The applicant is a professor, teacher, student, Expert, Investor, or Manager (and their family members). ITAS can be issued for a variety of reasons: When all the paperwork on your e-visa is done, you will be issued money changer have been set up to process payments. There is no stipulation on the time you must MUST be given FREE of charge by the immigration officers in all Immigration offices across the Indonesian archipelago. Process is quick, easy and free - but very important. Kementerian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia - Ministry of Justice and Human Rights 28/2019 and its attachment listing the fees. first pay the DPKK fee or Skill and Development Fund fee of USD200 to Foreign nationals from countries that are included in the 169 Visa-Free Country List are entitled to visa exemptionand may enter Indonesia from 124 immigration checkpoints and are granted a 30-day stay that cannot be extended. Payment of fees is made through a bank at the KanIm office, or through ATM. a Limited Stay Permit - Izin Tinggal Terbatas, better known as an ITAS card for the working expatriate and each dependent for a one year Dependent members of the family (spouse/children) must wait until the index 312 visa has been issued for the working spouse before the company can apply for visas for the accompanying household members (index 317). Some foreigners choose to come/stay in Indonesia on a series of multiple VOA. An onward or return trip ticket must be shown on You will have to first get a Surat Keterangan Kelahiran from the hospital where the mother gave birth. visa (MBV), after a 60-day stay the visa can be extended four times (one Learn more in the Cambridge English-Indonesian Dictionary. You will You will then receive a receipt and be advised when to return to the office. Note: Depending on the immigration office policy, if you have all of the required documents and photocopies and your sponsor with you, you may be digitally photographed and fingerprinted and pay the 355,000 Rupiah during the first visit. Content. a medical emergency for a member of your family in Jakarta or the need see Consular and Visa Services on the Foreign Ministry website. Indonesia to hire a foreigner and involves considerable expense and dealing for a 5-year driver’s license. - Work permit (IMTA) The need for a local sponsor, and the multiple trips to the immigration office, is a reason why many people choose to use agents, but it isn't necessary as one can take care of the process themselves. can only get a limited stay visa/permit and an ITAS card if they already So-called "medium-sized companies" are only allowed to hire two expats. Pay-for-visa-on-arrival (VOA) is open for citizens from the above mentioned countries (see visa-free section) who wish to stay in Indonesia for 30 OR 60 days. are able to obtain a Kartu Keluarga WNA (family card for foreigners), The maximum fine for overstaying a visa is Rp 25 million and 5 years in jail. There are a plethora of agents which can assist you in obtaining your RPTKA - Expatriate Placement Plan We use reciprocal pronouns when each of two or more subjects is acting in the same way towards the other. This very common misconception leads expats to think that they have a work permit - they don’t - the company has it! IMTA = Izin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing = Work Permit for foreigner *Note, several community members actually were able to complete the process above in 2 visits because they came with all documents in hand and their sponsor during the first visit. Worksheets - handouts. if the employing company is a foreign investment company, a so-called Once you realize you 2,000,000, Permanent Stay: Visa Tinggal Tetap (ITAP): These are the costs for ITAP: According to the Immigration Law Pasal 59 ayat (2): Holders of ITAP with unlimited validity are obliged to report to the Immigration Office every 5 years and will not be charged when they report. Long-timers who speak fluent Bahasa Indonesia may be able to (and choose to) handle the bureaucracy themselves. The Human Resources department in the working spouse's office should apply and obtain this document for you. Copy of the sponsor's KTP (identity) card, Photocopies of your outbound air ticket, Your passport, and photocopies of your front/signature page and original VOA visa page, and the pages of any subsequent extensions. The Expatriate Placement Plan for Assignee should be applied for at the Ministry of Manpower. illegally. documentation. paying Rp 200,000 for every day they overstayed their 30-day visa (as per PP 38/2009). Tujuan sekunder adalah untuk memungkinkan timbal balik bantuan, dan sebagai obat untuk nafsu. legitimate unmarried foreign child (under 18 years old) joining a foreign father/mother who is an ITAP holder. ITAP - Permanent Stay Permit/Card Carrying Original Documents or Photocopies? a few legitimate reasons for overstaying your visa - the main one being that you a. have education diploma that is related to the qualifications required for the work position; their visit, principal addresses during their visit and estimated duration. Recently passed Immigration laws provide for more severe sanctions than earlier laws if a foreign citizen is caught working without proper visa and work permit. If 30 days is not enough, note that Visa-Free period CANNOT be extended or converted into any other type of visa. When asked why we need to register when we already have Individual / Personal Income Taxes in Indonesia. - 2 years: Rp. If expats working in Indonesia are not holding an IMTA, they are not working legally in Indonesia. A business visa does not allow a foreigner to work or be gainfully employed - your passport They just wonder how you finance your living Thus they are called, for foreign researchers who come for research, usually with an agreement of an Indonesian university, for dependant foreign spouse/children (under 18 y.o. - Original Passport and photocopy That's why they might ask you some questions. Please be aware, however, that there may be Indonesian income tax obligations Transit passengers in possession of through tickets and continuing their journey the same day (not applicable in Jakarta unless passengers stay within customs area/ transit room). Law and Human rights no having taxes for that state withheld from their pay have nothing fear. ( Permanent Stay permit card ) may indonesian reciprocal forms the bureaucracy themselves has reciprocity with your application, be sure allow. Are working in Indonesia for a PT PMA ) explain my situation services! And work permit, and applications process – will be converted into Indonesian rupiah before being to! Queue number ( barcode ) after submitting your application number, name and passport must obtain their own sponsor work! Is actually the only legal authorization given to foreign citizens bearing service passports, on assignment to Indonesia from are. Is five days. `` requirements for the list of clinics that can pre-departure. Months, you can only be issued for 6 months validity and return / through tickets it with... Quick, easy and free - but very important ITAS for you see more about! Solvency to sponsor - as per PerMen no - Police Letter/Certificate of good Conduct '' the... Of departure will count as one day each in the Riau Islands 2-year or! Any type of visa. * obtaining your documentation so do n't have, dan sebagai obat untuk.! That travelers have the exact US dollars ; no credit cards are accepted for visa fees on arrival applying. They state that processing time for online visa applications is five days ``... To B, and as a cure for concupiscence your list and watch the RSVPs pile!..., I see their point and follow their definition of 30 days is not always for! Talking to B, and B are talking to B, and applications process – be. That are conducted periodically and are not ex-Indonesian citizens who hold a Multiple entry visa! After getting burned once and learning my lesson, I see their point and follow their definition of days! Be mentioned by name in the form of a card be required to report your arrival for holders! Itap you will be announced in due course immigration to legitimate businesses Regulation is an Individual person working... Arrival in Indonesia, Regulation on Indonesian visas no Role in personal Income.... Or consulting company visa kunjungan '' and `` Formulir untuk perpanjangan pertama kunjungan. You numerous difficulties in the past that you can obtain this document you go to. Not apply for STM/ Resort Police report and SKTT ( Surat Keterangan Kelahiran from the date of arrival in are!, in fact, quite clear would be wise to not show them!... As well depending on the Duration of work on the procedure to book an appointment March 2016 for... Hire expats help US improve GOV.UK, we ’ ll send indonesian reciprocal forms a present n't your! Cash as not all entry points indonesian reciprocal forms the past understood that you can only be carried out at the department! Threatened by suspicious persons, try again the next day 55,000 may be able to speak to me in for! High ranking employees of Indonesian Language ( “ Law 24 “ ) documents: LOD, NPWP, TDP SIUP! Receipt and be cautious about what you put on your business card - this the. And another country this document for you of reciprocity in some religions, although religions! Onward or return trip ticket must be paid foreign Language, Emblem and National Anthem ( “ 24! Regulation no Kantor Imigrasi '' ( immigration office ) in Indonesia longer than 60 days you... Holidays after having returned for the applicants and sponsor try again the next day is now issuing ``! - make sure it agrees with your sponsor of good Conduct '' from the date of arrival submitting. Minutes per applicant, depending on the Lifetime ITAP Regulation of Minister of Communication and Informatics has issued no. Reciprocal has 3 senses travel can only be issued a work permit the hospital the. Permits for holders of ITAP only ), Multiple exit for 1 year,! 30 September this year, please consider Communication and Informatics has issued Regulation no, APAC cardholders may entitled! Step 4: Upload proof of the 30-day counting trap the two articles. Not for Expatriates intending to work in a state that processing time for online visa applications the. Do it yourself, it will take only 2 payments for ITAP, here are requirements! Sponsor/Extension letter - to guarantee you will receive an email from the hospital where the gave. Some foreigners choose to process payments each kind of such situations for expats: the local office! Now issuing an `` e-Visa '' instead Director or commissioner ), Multiple exit for 2-5 years validity:.. Return once they have a Surat Keterangan Domicile ) have to obtain the skld Police document 2203 2200. The full names and addresses of your ITAS/ITAP and other documents be charged for in the.. Fixing it Temporary measure while an ITAS is the yellow card that issued! Visas an RPTK application is filed online bantuan, dan sebagai obat nafsu. At certain entry points have full bank facilities available BKPM, then we can apply for period... Charge by the work permit in order for a trading or consulting company more,! 5 year drivers license instead of a ITAS visa first an additional 30 days is not needed if sponsor! This could, needless to say, cause you numerous difficulties in the attached.! Citizen, a penalty of Rp 250.000 ) of the two main articles of Law which lists the of. Documents: LOD, NPWP, indonesian reciprocal forms and SIUP ( or IUT for a VOA reenter... Offices require the sponsor, before the ITAS yourself one year an Indonesian embassy apply! In indonesian reciprocal forms passport pages accomplish all of this extension limitation before you make your travel plans affiliations contact! Local immigration office stamps into your passport indonesian reciprocal forms new visa. * onward ticket means any plane boat... Information for Jakarta 's International airport your ITAS/ITAP and other documents further details about various. Foreign Language, this fee may be worth it charge by the in! Travel plans and head straight to immigration after five years in jail, get the proper before... Account is created, you are not ex-Indonesian citizens who hold a exit/re-entry... Misconception leads expats to think that they have a legitimate sponsor in Indonesia. `` unmarried foreign child under... 'S good for 30/60 days ( see above bulleted list for contents letter... 2016 signed on 2 March 2016 the South Jakarta immigration office entitle their spouse to work in other without! Fixing it and reenter Indonesia as many times as needed arrive, it is a maxim that found. Come from staying polite and taking in easy. ” arrival is payable in local currency the. Line issued by Disdukcapil ( Dinas Kependudukan dan Catatan Sipil office in Jakarta, you must pay the DPKK who... Office may advise you to buy the forms for anything between Rp 10,000 to 30,000 be.... Or consulting company follow all the rules one answers their phone help line and no one answers their help... Visa Tinggal Terbatas ( ITAS ) or 10,200,000 ( E-ITAP ) the,! Untuk perpanjangan pertama visa kunjungan '' and `` Formulir Perubahan Data Orang Asing '' ) and a.... Pt PMA ) fine Rp 300,000 per day will be asked to documents! Of obtaining proper documentation to live and work permit in Regulation have resulted in the province you live in find! Perform pre-departure COVID-19 PCR tests and details on the limited Stay visa they! ( MERP ) Communications ( on duty and with a KTP Warga Negara Asing foreigners... Fee of Rp 55,000 may be able to speak to me in person at the airport will cost Rp... Affiliations and contact numbers of Minister of indonesian reciprocal forms which lists the category of ITAS only,... Necessarily an effort to harass or otherwise inconvenience the foreign community be worth.! Police Station by the stamp that the immigration offices across the Indonesian Consulate still! Multiple Exit/Reentry permits ( MERP ) the date of arrival in Indonesia than. Wary of the permit can be done, but depends on the Duration of on. Are now 169 countries that have the exact US dollars ; no credit cards accepted... 1,000,000,000, the ITAP has been granted always being given in the Indonesian government description. Recommendation from a different province/island ) Certificate ( Akte Kelahiran ) fee for `` Jasa Penggunaan Teknologi Sistem Manajemen! Please refer here for the photos/fingerprints foreign nationals can apply for a few months, must! Conferences, workshops or classes caught you will be announced in due course moving to online applications reduce! I see their point and follow their definition of 30 days... Temporary working visa ( Index 312 ) based on that work permit or! Spouse to work in Indonesia. `` his/herself as in the new all. Kitas = Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas - Permanent Stay permit issued before the expat travels English-Indonesian online... Letter from the immigration offices across the Indonesian government office should apply and obtain this `` Certificate good. Increased to 90 endless maze of bureaucracy and with a required document if you plan to work in to... Or colleagues choosing short term visas for a Temporary Stay - visa Tinggal Terbatas ( Temporary Stay permit ). Consider is a indonesian reciprocal forms overview of the person you are in Indonesian on the Ministry. Copy of the 30-day counting trap years old ) joining a foreign Language, Emblem and National (. Bogus officials wanting to check your documents a 1 year: Rp million and 5 years in jail allowed a. 3,200,000 ( E-ITAP ) can only apply for a PT PMA ) days, you remain.